Organic Flax Pax 
Ideal for those who want the cosiness of a wheat pack but can't risk having gluten in the home.  Organic flax seed wrapped in soft organic fair trade cord material.  FLAX PAX  and   FLAX PAX MAX 
Available in blue or red berry   Heat in the microwave in small bursts for a lovely soft, warm heat pack to snuggle with or pop in a plastic bag and freeze for a few hours for an ice pack. Why choose organic cotton? Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and insecticides. It is estimated that 50% of pesticides used in India are used on cotton fields. As well as damage to the environment, farm labours can suffer long term health problems due direct exposure to the chemicals. Farmers also are thrown into debt as pesticides and fertilisers are bought on credit and debts cannot be repaid if the harvest fails. Why choose Fair Trade? Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade, which aims to share the benefits of trade more equitably between consumers, producers and the environment. Through fair trade, farmers are paid a fair and stable price for their produce so they are protected from the damaging fluctuations in world market prices. In addition, their community receives a social premium to invest in local development projects such as education and healthcare. Workers are also paid a fair wage, the use of forced labour and abusive child labour is prohibited.
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